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Client Rewards has been a hassle-free and great partner to work with! Not only is their contract management dashboard Atlas, very transparent and user friendly, their representatives go above and beyond in getting you set-up with their other programs offered. Looking forward to finding a fit with more programs they roll out.

Tony Romas Logo

Monika Mogensen, Purchasing Analyst

Having recently engaged with Client Rewards I can tell you first hand that this is a class outfit. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of the folks at Client Rewards and each experience has been great. It is so refreshing to work with a company that truly wants to be a valuable partner. They do so much more than just “send rebate checks”. They look for ways to help us reduce our costs in all expense categories and many of their programs do just that. We are excited to be working with this great company and the people behind it. I encourage you to do the same.

Paul Martins Bar & Grill logo

Brad Kaemmer, COO
Paul Martins Bar & Grill

We have been working with Client Rewards for almost a year now and the experience has been great. They have found us savings we didn’t know were out there and we didn’t have to change any of our purchasing habits. The set-up process is quick and simple and we quickly saw the benefits with both rebates and deviated savings. The additional programs they offer too are great which all of our employees can benefit from.

Tommy Bahama Restaurants

Diana Decicca, Associate Director of Purchasing & Compliance
Union Square Hospitality Group

Partnering with Client Rewards is truly a no-brainer. Signing up was the easiest thing I have ever done to earn extra monies. Once you provide a few basic pieces of information, Client Rewards does all the other legwork and a few months later, the checks start rolling in monthly. Being a part of Client Rewards has not only saved a lot of time attempting to go after these rebates myself, but has also generated many new opportunities for rebate programs that I would never have known about.

Tahoe Joes Famous Steakhouse

David Glennon, Operator
Tahoe Joes Famous Steakhouse

Client Rewards allows us to benefit from their volume buying power without costing us any money or taking time away from our focus on purchasing. It has been one of the best "value-add" programs I have ever seen and I recommend it for any company.

Mountain Mike's Pizza

Brad Gordon, Owner
Mountain Mike's Pizza

Client Rewards continues to find new ways for our company to save money and bring new and innovative products to the table.

Tommy Bahama Restaurants

Don Donley, Director of Culinary
Tommy Bahama Restaurants

Admittedly, I was skeptical when I was initially contacted about VGM Client Rewards. However, everything turned out to be simple and seamless. Once I sent in our vendor information, the Client Rewards staff took care of the rest. There was no pressure to influence the products that we spec for our restaurants. I honestly spend little time on the program and we consistently receive the monthly rebate checks.

Tommy Bahama Restaurants

Kevin Gudejko, Director of Operations
Mainstreet Ventures

We have been utilizing Client Rewards to capture rebates for about three years. It has proven to be a "home run" because it's very simple yet incredibly effective. The cost/benefit is unmatched because the set-up time was less than one hour and we earn significant rebates every month. I highly recommend Client Rewards!

First Watch the Daytime Cafe

Kevin Hall, Vice President
First Watch the Daytime Cafe

We have been using Client Rewards for almost three years. Our vendor rebates are managed efficiently with detailed reporting provided. It’s a fantastic service and one we look forward to expanding in the coming months.

Ted's Montana Grill

Paula Owens, Purchasing Coordinator
Ted's Montana Grill

I was a little skeptical about the Client Rewards program at first. It sounded too good to be true - we'll receive revenue without working for it, with no contracts or risk, and we remain in control of our purchasing decisions? That actually is exactly how it works. We are able to take advantage of large scale, collective purchasing power and capture rebates on products that we don't have the volume to contract on. Client Rewards also partners with other companies to provide additional resources and cost savings, all of which has made this a great fit for our organization.

Another Broken Egg of America

Matt Moberly, Vice President Operations
Another Broken Egg of America, Inc.